Field Cherries, Berries, and Yogurt: YUM!

Trip: Hudson to Mont St. Hilaire
Distance: 116.95km


Today was actually a rather uneventful day. Well, it was exciting because we got to go through Montreal, but riding-wise it was pretty typical. I think the biggest highlight for me was that, because we were going through a big city, we got a cue sheet full of directions. Unlike most, I like the busy direction days instead of tuning out and lumbering along for 50km stretches, you get to constantly be on the look out for turns and streets. Good times, good times.

Iona and I made a stop in the Atwater Market, which was awesome. I got to try field cherries, which I’d never had before. We decided that the berries were way too good to pass up, and picked up a nice big basket of mixed berries and some yogurt for lunch. So, so, good. I love berries.

We ended up meeting Cor and Ella on the road, and they followed us through Montreal and over the bridge, as the directions were a bit confusing. After that, things became a lot easier, and we pretty much just sailed into town. I spoke on the phone for a while with Tiff, and then it got dark (it just keeps getting darker earlier?) so I escaped the bugs into the tent and found myself asleep pretty much right after that.

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