Parlez-vous français?

Trip: Mont St. Hilaire to Pointe du Lac
Distance: 126.23km


Somehow, the early mornings have returned with a vengeance. I’m not quite sure how it happened : I thought that we had gotten into a routine that didn’t involve the truck being packed while the sun’s coming up, but that seems to have run away screaming. For those who are not morning people (a group that seems to now consist of Iona and myself, as we’ve lost James and Mike who at least made us a party of four), this is not the greatest. I essentially plodded my way through the first three hours of the day, waiting for my body to discover some energy it might be able to use. That didn’t really happen until after the little ferry we had to take. Damn mornings.

We spent a lot of time going through Quebec farm country, which was kind of nice. I got to see all sorts of cows (and I think one sheep. It might have been a sheep. I’m actually not sure?it was kind of big for a sheep) and the day was pretty flat. Speaking of flats, I got my 12th today, which sucked. It was another puncture, and in a different spot than my flat a couple days ago, so I think I’ve just hit a streak of bad luck (as opposed to a tire that needs replacing). I got lucky and Bob Mack and Brett came along behind me as I was just trying to finish up ? I have problems getting the last bit of the tire back on, and Mack slid it on with an iron, so yay.

I was going into a Subway in Louiseville today and noticed a Bloc Quebecois MP’s office on the other side of the road. It was about then that I realized I was probably going to have to suck it up and speak French for the next little while. My order at Subway went well enough, though I struggle with people’s accents, and I’m constantly experiencing anxiety about the quality of my French. I’m convinced that when I leave places, they mock it. Realistically, this likely doesn’t happen, but me being paranoid isn’t exactly a new phenomenon.

This is probably the earliest that I’ve gotten into camp in a long while, and honestly, I really don’t know what the attraction is. I’m actually pretty bored. I much prefer getting in an hour or so before dinner, so that there’s less time to kill overall. The only time I enjoy getting in early is the rest days, or the days when we’re in a bigger city (or even a town with stuff to do).

Rest day tomorrow : I’m quite excited, as we get to hook up with Josianne and Andree, who are going to show us around the town. I also thought that we were done with our indoor stays, but we’re actually staying in camp dorm-style rooms tonight and at Laval tomorrow. Woo!

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