Salvation for Sale!

Trip: Pointe du Lac to Quebec City
Distance: 150km


Once again we had the truck packed up amazingly early – I was on the road by 7:45 (and, as always, I had only gotten up somewhere around 6:45). Definitely a quick turn-around. Breakfast consisted of…well, it consisted of me eating a Clif bar on the road. It was a good bar though – I’d never had the Mojo ones before and it was all nutty and stuff. Good times, that. I started off the morning with Iona, but Lori, Rudy and Graham had made a wrong turn, so we caught them about 15km up the road.

There’s a really nice church in Trois Rivieres (Notre-Dame-du-Cap) that the five of us stopped at. I hadn’t been in a church in a really long time, so it was interesting to roam on in. I was thinking about lighting a candle just because (and because I figured if my nana was still alive, she would be happy if I did it), but the candles apparently carried a hefty price tag. Honestly, it kind of disgusted me that they wanted $4.00 so that individuals could make an expression of their spirituality. I just don’t get it – we’re talking about the Catholic Church here…they aren’t exactly just barely pushing through or anything. And some pilgrim wanders on through Quebec, and it’s going to cost them that much just to make a physical manifestation of a prayer? It just doesn’t sit right with me that there’s a price tag on that. What’s next? A cost for confessional? Absolution only for those that can afford it? Anyways…there was lint in the holy water, too, so I certainly left the church with a lot to ponder.

My legs felt really crappy today, so I let the foursome jet on ahead while I had a leisurely jaunt through the countryside. Apparently a lot of people decided to take a significantly greater number of stops than I did, as along the way I passed a whole lot of bikes propped up against various restaurants. This was okay with me, as when it came time for lunch, I had caught up with Danielle, and then we were joined by Bob Mack and had just a great lunch at a little café. I had a smoked salmon sandwich that was just perfect. After lunch, I continued my solo journey, though I did see Lloyd and Emilie multiple times. I also acquired flat #13, which motivated me to remove my ailing Gatorskin and pull out another Hutchinson TopSpeed that I had been lugging around in my trunk bag for just such an occasion. I also had forgotten to put a new tube in my trunk bag from the last flat (though I did have three broken tubes with me), so I got to have my first experience patching and then using a tube. Given that I did make it into camp, I guess that worked out okay.

After a quick stop at a Tim Horton’s for an Iced Cap, I was back on the road. The directions said that our turn was after a gas station, so once I found said gas station, I went through the intersection, expecting our turn to be the next one. Fortunately, Iona, Lori, Graham and Rudy were drinking milkshakes on the side of the road and were able to flag me down – apparently what had been meant was to turn AT the gas station. Oops. On the bright side, I picked up company for the rest of the day – which included a wonderful construction-filled steep hill that we were told we had to bypass and take a trail beside instead. This caused some directional confusion at the top of the hill over whether or not we still needed to make a left turn. I kept trying to convince the boys that we were going the right way, but no one seemed to want to believe me. Guess who was correct? Oh yeah – me! Confusion the third came when our cue sheet said to go under a freeway, and reality said that the only way that was going to happen was if we dug a hole. Over…under…is there really any difference? YES!

Our day ended at Universite Laval, where I got to share a single room with Iona. Fortunately, it’s a single room with two beds for the summer, or things could have been a little cozy. We had a pizza dinner, and then met up with Josianne and Andree, which was awesome. We started off at the Laval student pub, where both Brett and Lori bought me drinks. From there, we headed down to Old Quebec, where our little group was taken to a real Quebecois bar. There were guys playing live music and the atmosphere was tremendous. It was unfortunate that I was so tired (this crazy business of waking up so early just wears me right out!) or else I think I would have been that much more into it. When we were done at the bar, there was nothing else to do but go out for poutine. Such a Quebec thing to do, but I have to say, it reminded me of Kingston as well. Oh Bubba’s. But yes, poutine at Ashton’s (or, if you’re a vegetarian like Iona, cheese on fries with no gravy). We were initially going to take a bus back to Laval, but we were uncertain if there were any more running at the hour, and there were also a bunch of us that were just plain sacked, so we hopped in two cabs. I fell asleep in the cab, pretty much sleepwalked back to our room, and was asleep before Iona had even turned the lights out.

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    Hahaha, oh man … hey, that’s HOLY lint, show some respect! :D Oh, and Jesus needs your money. No, really … just look at how shabbily he’s dressed!

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