Tour du Food

Rest Day in Quebec City


I definitely wasn’t feeling the whole “waking up” vibe this morning. Iona roused me sometime around 8:30 to ask if I wanted to throw my laundry in with hers. Really, she probably could have asked me if I wanted to give her my credit card so she could go on a shopping spree and the answer would have been about the same – a hand motion towards the desk and my head face-down on a pillow while I prayed morning was really just an illusion. She set off to do the laundry, and in that time I managed to pry myself out of bed so that we could hit up the free breakfast before it ended at 9:00.

After breakfast, I waited with Iona for the wash to be ready for a roll in the dryer, and then headed back up to our room. I read for a bit, and then realized the bed looked far too inviting to pass up and promptly passed out until Andree and Iona were ready to head down to Vieux Quebec. We started out wandering on the outside of the gates, and ended up at this awesome little shop called Point D’Exclamation. We were all really glad we found it, as there was some jewelry there that was absolutely perfect for Lori. You see, Lori has been just awesome to all of us, and we really wanted to do something to show our appreciation. We ended up getting her matching earrings, necklace and bracelet, all with this wonderful orange colour in the stones. It was great. High on our success, we headed out for paninis, which turned out to be similarly awesome. Mmm…ham and gruyere. Josianne caught up to us at the boulangerie, and from there we went for some of the best gelato I have ever had in my life. Yes, this is a tour of food. So much food.

After lunch we went inside the gates and hit up random souvenir shops for laughs. I also got my hands on 20 minutes of internet, which was pretty much enough for me to send journals to Dana to post and not much else. I didn’t really want to buy more time, as I felt that spending time experiencing Quebec City was far more valuable than writing about it (which realistically, I can do at any time). Upon continuing our journey, we met up with Graham and Lori and then Jamie, and saw some awesome street performers – we saw two guys who were only 14 and 16 do some really cool circus tricks, and it was definitely one of the day’s highlights.

Walking seemed to be the theme of the day, so off we went to the Plains of Abraham. We took in the sights, and then while Andree, Jamie, and Lori went back to the university, Josianne, Iona and I took a nap in the park. We were supposed to all meet back up for dinner, but there were some difficulties in coordinating timing, so the three of us ended up eating before the crew got there. Dinner was a pretty mediocre calzone, so that was disappointing.

The highlight of the day definitely had to be after we had once again met up with Andree, Jamie, Lori and Mike and took the ferry out to Levis. It was awesome to see the Chateau and everything else from the distance, all lit up at night. So beautiful. After we got off the ferry, we started this march up a ridiculous number of staircases, and then began trudging up a super steep hill. All I could think was that it better be worth it. Let me tell you, the Glacerie Europeen was more than worth it. They had soft serve ice cream dipped in real Belgian chocolate. And I’m not talking Dairy Queen dipped cone style where you can break the chocolate outer with your tongue – this was a thick, delicious coating of chocolate. I think I’d climb that hill another three times to have that cone. Wow. After savouring our little treat, we all headed back to the ferry, and from there split up a bit. Andree, Josianne, Mike and Jamie headed for the bus, while Iona, Lori and I headed for a taxi. I was dead tired once again, and falling asleep took me all of five seconds when we finally got in.

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