Ripped Shorts, Trapped in a Shower…Yup, it’s a Typical Day For Me

Trip: Quebec City to Riviere Ouelle
Distance: 140.26km


The alarm on Iona’s cell phone went off at 6:30. She quickly turned that off, and we both kind of just laid there waiting for the other to get up. This went on until 7:00 when we finally – grudgingly – got up. I really didn’t feel that great this morning – I had a really, really upset stomach, so eating breakfast was a little bit of a task. We were the last ones from our group to eat, so we ended up chatting with earlier risers from the 72-day group, which was nice. We don’t really ever get a lot of opportunities to talk with them. From there, Iona and I helped load the cook cart. The saddest part of the day was that this little adventure resulted in me ripping my shorts. They’re not unwearable, but I definitely show a bit of skin as I putter on down the road. Really, there’s nothing to be done about it, so besides a little twinge of sadness, all I can do is live with it and move on.

I felt sluggish pretty much the entire morning, but a Subway lunch perked me up a bit. We were clipping along at a pretty decent pace for much of the afternoon, until a little bit of a rainstorm slowed us down – or at the very least, soaked us down. We found out later that we were pretty much the only ones in our group that cycled through the storm – the rest took shelter and waited out what ended up being maybe 30 minutes or so of rain. Oh well, in the grand scheme of things it really wasn’t that big a deal. That, and it made it all the more easy to stop for a post-lunch snack-type meal thing. I had a great pea soup, accompanied by some cheese and maple covered nuts. Good times – I love Quebec.

The showers at the campsite were these little individual stalls that had a door you locked at the front. My door, when locked, didn’t really like to come unlocked. Now, I don’t much care for small, enclosed spaces, so when that door didn’t want to open, it freaked me right out. Fortunately I managed to get it to go, but I definitely felt my heart starting to race. In retrospect, if worse had come to worse I could have climbed over the wall either into the stalls beside me or the bathroom behind me, but at the time I was just plain unhappy.

I don’t think tonight is going to be the quietest night we’ll ever have – I can hear random French music going, in addition to some random fireworks and the people next to us setting up camp. Fortunately I’m tired enough that I don’t think it’s going to be an issue for me, and once I’m asleep it’s pretty impossible to wake me up. Pity for the light sleepers, though.

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