Who Goes to Bed at 8:30? Oh Yeah…Me

Trip: Riviere Ouelle to Trois Pistoles
Distance: 115.97km

Today got off to a bright and shining start with me rolling my sunglasses up into my tent. I’m not quite sure how I managed to do this without (i) noticing or (ii) breaking them, but I successfully did both. Thus, I had to unroll my wonderfully packed tent and try to feel around inside it for them. Fortunately they came out of the ordeal not that much worse for wear – a little dirty and nothing more. Quite annoying, though.

The theme of today was wind, wind, and more wind. A headwind, to be exact. A freaking ridiculous headwind that killed our speed and made it seem like we were forever going uphill to be perfectly specific. It made for a long day, let me tell you. We made our first stop at a house in Kamouraska, which was really nice. Bob Mack had met the guy the day before and he was super hospitable – he gave us pastries and coffee and tea. I love people like that. Our next stop was actually only about 25km down the road – on a normal day, this is an hour. Today, it was almost twice that. I had a club sandwich with poutine – the poutine was awesome, the club a little less so. From there, it was another couple hours until we hit Riviere-du-Loup. I had planned to – as always – hit up Subway, but the one off our route was closed for renovations. Who does that? Geez. I ended up going to Tim Horton’s with Iona, which was officially the slowest Timmy Ho’s that I have ever seen. As I waited almost 10 minutes for my buttered bagel, I found a lovely little sticker on the till that explained that super-fast service was the reason they couldn’t take debit. Oh, I see.

After five hours and only 80km, I stopped beside a field to record a little video (not unlike what I did in Youngstown, one of the other couple times we’ve had our asses kicked by the wind). We plugged away for the last chunk of the day, finally making it to camp somewhere around 5:00. Long, long day. On the bright side, Iona and I beat Bob Mack, Jamie, and Gary into camp, as they managed to take a wrong turn and had made our 115km day into a 150km day. Team Yesterday got a good laugh out of that one – as Bob said, they’re Team Next Week.

Once again I am incredibly, ridiculously tired. Iona came by my tent to tell me about the gorgeous sunset that she was taking pictures of (I peered outside my door and damn, was it ever pretty) and I just couldn’t lug myself out of the sleeping bag. I also realized I had forgotten my toothbrush and toothpaste on the truck, but luckily still had the one that was broken in three places in the tent, and Iona passed me some paste. I tried to read for a bit, but ended up falling asleep somewhere around 8:30. Nuts. Someday I will be well rested again. Someday.

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