It took me a long time to find this place on google maps

Trip: Petit Rocher to Saint-Louis de Kent
Distance : 149.1km

Today was a fully solo day for me.  I had to clean up after breakfast and by the time that was done, everyone had gone on their merry way. This was okay with me as sometimes I enjoy the quiet that a ride on my own provides. Well, that, and I’m coming down with a cold and wasn’t entirely sure how well (read: fast) I was going to be cycling because of that. I meandered my way down the road until Bathurst, where I stopped at a Tim Horton’s for a little break and snack. The bonus about riding by yourself is that you don’t have to feel guilty when you want to stop and be lazy and do something like read the paper while casually sipping an Iced Capp and eating a bagel (can you guess what I did in Bathurst?). Having had a satisfying break, I pressed onwards to Miramichi (where you tie up to a tree…if you know the Great Big Sea song).

We had been warned about a big, potentially scary bridge in Miramichi, so I was actually pretty surprised to find that it was far smaller than the bridge we had been required to cross in Montreal. The wind was a little crazy and I found myself having to concentrate to hold the bike steady, but other than that it was fine. I circled what I think was downtown Miramichi for a little bit, trying to find a place to eat. I couldn’t figure out the difference between dive, hole in the wall, greasy spoon, and cafe, so I ended up just playing it safe and eating at Subway. I had wanted to be particularly tourist-y and eat the “authentic lobster” sub, but they had sold out by the time I got there. They were also out of honey oat bread, so I had to branch out to parmesan oregano. Setting out even later (though with less distance left, admittedly) from lunch than I had the day before, I was pleasantly surprised to find the exact same circumstances - a wonderful tailwind to guide me into camp!

Camp is not exactly in Saint Louis de Kent, which is not exactly a big place. I actually went to ask one of the women working at the park if there was anything interesting we could do in “town” and she answered me no, with a completely straight face. She then elaborated and said the only thing they had there was a skate park, but that nobody good hung out there and that was where the drugs were (and she wasn’t sending anyone to the drugs). So yes - good times abound in Saint Louis de Kent. I debated making a quick cycle into town to pick up a DVD, but laziness prevailed and we instead watched the last of the movies on the truck - Confidence. It wasn’t an exceptionally tremendous movie by any standards, but Megan and I were determined to get through it and sat through the attack of the killer mosquitoes and the attack of the killer cold (which resulted in the departure of the killer mosquitoes) to do so. Afterwards, we were banished by the cold to the wonderful world of tents, where I continued reading (Leslie should love this) Ghost Rider. Admittedly, I think the chapter that I had to read for WRIT 295 gave me a bit of a wrong impression of the book as a whole.  I think having read from the beginning (instead of just a chunk in the middle) I understand a bit more where his style comes from and why he writes the way he does (at one point he even explains himself a little). I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about Neil Peart, but my opinion of him has changed considerably since January.

Tomorrow’s plans include the exciting world of laundry, and then the exciting world of going into town and seeking out the community access centre, which offers internet for the day for $2.00. I don’t think there’s much else in town that I want to do (or that there is to do?) so I’m sure much internetting is my tomorrow future.

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  1. suz Says:

    … so, DID the girls sit on your knee?

    perhaps while


    Nurse that cold as best you can while biking your ass off. Stay warm, ok!

  2. L E Casson Says:

    You’re kidding. Ghost Rider. You’re lugging that hefty “book” (pls note reference to Peart’s writing style) along on your ride? I’m speechless.

    But you’re right: it is a fitting companion for such an epic bike trip. Way to go, Darron. Someday, when this is all over, I’d love to hear more of your new take on the book.

    Oh, and of the cycling trip, too. Right.


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