Rest days shouldn’t be wasted being sick

Rest Day in St. Louis de Kent


I woke up this morning with my cold/flu/whatever starting to rear its ugly head in full force. Sniffles abound with this kid. I’m not too happy about this fact (to say the least), but there’s nothing I can do besides try to drown it in massive amounts of orange juice and prayers that it will dissipate by the time I hit the Cabot Trail. If there’s any fairness in this world, it will.

Breakfast came in the form of some super amazing blueberry and almond pancakes, courtesy of Danielle. Yummy. The next task of the day was laundry, which was actually a fairly easy task given that I had to walk maybe 100 metres to do it. While that was going, I read for a while. When it was done, I hung up what needed to be, and then set out to brave the walk into St. Louis de Kent proper.

The walk was about 2km, but when I was about halfway there, a older guy in a truck stopped and asked where I was headed. I told him to the school to use the internet, so he told me to hop on in and drove me there. Apparently it was too cold for me to be walking. No complaints here!

St. Louis de Kent seems to consist of a Kia dealership, a Home Hardware, a Coop store, and two restaurants. Oh, and a bank, as I did have to use that to take out money. Anyways, given this wide variety of things to do and places to see, it was fairly easy to just plunk myself down at the school and putter about on the internet all day long. The good news of the day? My computer has been fixed (or at least, I hope it has been fixed. Either way, it’s been sent back to my house) and was being delivered that day. The added bonus was that my mom had just gotten home from her trip to New Brunswick and was actually going to be there when it was delivered. No drama about the lack of Dana Lacoste’s living there! Hooray!

Lunch consisted of a fried scallop burger, which wasn’t all that impressive (but wasn’t all that bad). Dinner was far more depressing, as I paid a pretty decent amount for a seafood pizza and it wasn’t even that great. Hopefully my bad luck will end as we head towards PEI and I can get myself some decent seafood without breaking what is turning into quite the meagre budget. One can only hope.

Fairly early night for me, as I continue to try and kill this evil illness plaguing me. Wish me luck!

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