Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!

Trip: Murray Beach Provincial Park (NS) to Cornwall (PEI)
Distance: 96.67km


After having gone to bed somewhere around 4:00 (okay, I got up to have dinner, so it wasn’t an exact sleep-through-until-morning), I woke up still feeling like I could sleep another day away. Still feeling sick, still feeling incredibly annoyed that I’m feeling sick. The stomach felt a little less than great, so I ate a bottle of baby food for breakfast before setting off for Confederation Bridge with a fairly large group (Iona, Lori, Brett, Lloyd, Emilie and Gary). We had quite the little peleton going as we hit the windy couple kilometres on the highway before we got off to catch our shuttle.

The shuttle was just leaving as we got there, so we had to settle in for a half hour wait. Fortunately, they had two computers in the information booth and I was able to take advantage of that and send a couple journal entries off to Dana for posting. The trip over the bridge was pretty awesome - what a tremendous view. When we got to the other side, Lori and Iona and I cruised the tourist trap shops on the other side. They had some really cute PEI t-shirts that I seriously considered picking up, but the desire to not carry it on the bike won out. We then plodded our way down the road (well, I plodded more than they did - every hill felt like a mountain to me!) and stopped for lunch at a cute, though incredibly overpriced cafe. On the way to camp we took a little detour to Fort la Joie, where we saw the monument for the first Acadians to land in PEI and a great view of Charlottetown…although really not much else.

After struggling my way into camp, I grabbed a shower and then slept for two hours, waking up only to eat a bit of chowder. I was pretty upset, because dinner was pretty great - mussels, clams, corn…stupid illness. Back to bed I went at 7:30. I’m praying beyond everything and anything that I feel better for the Cabot Trail. It’s really irritating to me that I looked forward to the Atlantic for pretty much the entire trip, and now I’ve not been able to enjoy it as much as I would have liked and just…fully embrace it, really, because I’ve been feverish. Oh well - I guess it will just have to fuel my motivation to come back.

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