Lobster and Wonderbread…Now THERE’S a Delicacy!

Trip: Cornwall (PEI) to Lower Barney’s River (NS)
Distance: 128km


I woke up feeling marginally better this morning, which was certainly something like a positive. I still wasn’t feeling 100% though, so I skipped eating breakfast. Tylenol Cold and Flu was my breakfast of champions. We were all packed up and ready to go when I discovered that my rear tire was flat - I guess at some point I must have picked up a slow leak. Ticked off, I changed to a Gatorskin before we headed off to try and make the ferry.

Iona and I were riding together and realized fairly early on in the day that us making the 11:00 ferry wasn’t going to happen. This fact was further brought to truth when I hit a fairly decent sized pothole type thing as I was trying to avoid crashing into Iona when the piece of road I was riding on ended and boom, there went my tire. Knowing for sure we weren’t going to make the 11:00, we stopped for a little juice break at the only gas stop we found. We got down to the terminal around 12:20, so we bummed around until it left at 1:00. Lunch was lobster on wonderbread - how can you go wrong with that? This ferry wasn’t the best one we’ve ever been on - I ended up sleeping awkwardly with my legs over the side of a different chair and my head on my arms, but hey, it killed some of the time.

After the ferry we tracked down our 9th provincial sign and snapped some shots there, before moseying on down the road. We stopped at a Sobey’s along the way, where I picked up some house brand cold medication and a litre of juice in order to try and drown my illness. I hadn’t initially planned on drinking the entire thing while we were stopped…it kind of just happened. Cycling with litre of juice in your stomach? That’s fun. It started to rain a little bit and the bugs were pretty bad whenever we stopped, so Iona and I started booking it into camp. Met two nice guys while we were stopped at an intersection, and chatted with them for a bit. We ended up meeting them again at a construction stop, about 5km down the road as well.

We got into camp and…miracle of miracles…I cleaned the bike. This hasn’t happened in a really long time, but really, I was hoping that if I got some of the grease off it, I might not be completely covered in it when I lift the thing in celebration on Signal Hill. Good times, that. The mosquitoes were quite bad at the camp we stayed at, so that meant an early retreat to the tent.

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