My Bike is Clean! It’s a Miracle!

Trip: Lower Barney’s River to Lake Ainslie
Distance: 170.11km


Today was probably the best cycling day I can remember having in a very, very long time. My legs felt good, my body felt good, my knees felt good…my nose was still stuffed up, but otherwise, everything was great. The only bad thing was that my map went missing and we ran out of copies, so I stuck on Lori like glue for the day in order to make it into the next camp. Well, I probably could have made it without sticking like glue (the directions weren’t exceptionally hard), but Lori’s good company. We ran into Danielle a little bit down the road, who told me a story about how she thought she had left her USB key in camp and needed to stop Mike to get him to phone Bud. About three seconds later, Mike rolls on by, and I just start waving, as usual, until Danielle behind me yelled about the key, so I started frantically tapping my head (our sign for him to pull over). Good times, there.

We had a very yummy second breakfast in Antigonish - I had a breakfast burrito, and it was definitely worth the wait. Actually, because we had to wait so long for our breakfast, by the time we left, we had pretty much missed the entirety of a rain shower. Bonus.

Lori and I finally came across a Subway (of course, what else?) sometime in the afternoon, and given that we were both starving, we stopped there for a little bite. We then wasted a good chunk of time in a gift shop, looking at postcards of the Cabot Trail - and then freaking out over how steep some of the mountains looked. From there, we hit the Canso Causeway to enter onto Cape Breton island, which was quite cool and a bit of a highlight for the day. After we crossed over, we saw a sign for North Sydney - only 145km away! We still have to do the Cabot Trail, but it was crazy to think that we were that close to our second-to-last destination. It’s really winding down…

The highway after the causeway was just gorgeous, and I had a highly enjoyable ride all the way into camp. It was almost 7:00 when Lori and I finally got there, but that’s not the kind of thing I worry about. It was enough time to shower, do laundry, eat dinner, put my tent up, and go to sleep, which is really all I need. Sleep came early, as the real test of the trip begins tomorrow - the Cabot Trail.

Today was a very up and down, hilly day, and yet I finally managed to keep my cadence up better than I ever have before. Something has finally clicked! Finally! It only took what, 69 days of the trip? Better late than never. :)

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