About Me

Me and Noodles
Age: 23
Current Place of Residence: Transient

I just finished up five years at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON and graduated with a BAH in Sociology and a BPHE (Physical and Health Education). No, I don’t want to be a gym teacher - not that I have anything against gym teachers, it’s just not the path I’ve chosen to take. Yes, I get asked enough that it bears mentioning right of the bat. I’m moving to Edmonton, AB in the fall to start my MA at the University of Alberta. Nervous would probably be an understatement, but hey, that’s normal…right?

Early last year I decided that once I finished my undergrad, I wanted to do something special to celebrate. I happened to come across the webpage for Tour du Canada and quickly decided that it fit my parameters for “something special”. When I told people about my decision, I got a lot of different reactions. Many people were excited for me; many thought I was nuts. A lot asked why - why not go someplace sunny, or to Europe, or [insert place here]. I’ve thought a lot about that, and really, I feel strongly that I should experience my own country and all that it has to offer. I’ve spent pretty much my entire life in Ontario, and while yes, there is a whole world “out there”, there’s also a whole world “in here” that I have yet to see. So why not Canada? And why not on a bike, so that I truly get to witness all that Canada has to offer on a very real scale.

This trip is also an opportunity for me to spend some time with myself and my thoughts. There is a life outside of textbooks, essays, and over-caffeinated living and I feel I need to remind myself of that. And really, a lot has happened in the last five years. Two months of reflection on the past before I move on to “the next step” can only be a good thing. Right? Right.